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In my recent works I use my collection of photographs taken locally and while traveling to inspire me. I oftentimes combine photographs to create a more interesting painting. My work reflects the elements that attract me to the scene, and its emotional impact. I paint visually pleasing subjects like flowers and landscapes because of the positive impact of such images on the viewer and me.

I work in both pastels and watercolor. My work is time consuming and meticulous no matter the medium in which I paint. I enjoy the translucency, spontaneity and fluidity of watercolor. Using techniques such as glazing, masking and spattering I can achieve the desired effect. Working with pastels allows the layering of colors on top of colors. Both methods let me present different perspectives and feelings to the viewer.

I prefer strong contrasts of color and varying materials. It is especially appealing and visually interesting to paint beautiful soft flowers in conjunction with geometric windows or doors. Many of my pictures place the soft edges of natural objects against the rigid lines of architectural structures. This contrast accentuates the visually intriguing elements of each.

I am both an artist and a teacher. For thirty plus years I taught in the public schools and am now retired. Currently I am enjoying painting in my studio, taking art workshops, and exhibiting my paintings in regional and national shows.

 My paintings have been showcased in many businesses, banks, government buildings, libraries and art galleries in the Chicago area. My paintings are held in private and corporate collections. 



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